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I have over 25 years of pictures and video of this rally, some of the best shots will appear after we generated more income for the "web serving"... (Went backwards in the "dotcom" crash of 2000... had to back-up and delete much of the past work). At the bottom of this page is a link to other pictures and video. Be sure to place this site in your "favorites" and check later, after I get back on my feet there will be many more free pictures and much better video.

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Most of the work done on this domain is being turned over to others from now on, you must contact them for changes.. Sorry, I have problems with a local Prostitution/Drug ring.
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Before the 2001 rally started I noticed several of the locals had their bikes ready.


As the rally got under way, I wore my Internet shirt & shot the tops coming off.. (riding the bull two at a time).

Some of the links on the Sturgis-Girls domain are very naughty... We placed them more for education!

Although I always accept all the blame for any vulgar pages done, (like the one above)... I actually had other people do most of those outrageous pages! (Sometimes with my direction or a rough draft... and at times without any direction other than the topic)... If you read for a few weeks throughout all these many pages you will notice at least 3 different styles of writings! (Mine is often the worst of them... I am much better at pictures and video than as a writer).

You may also notice one writer has the style of a woman... that is because she is! (But it still appears I am the one putting these words on the Internet)!

You may also be surprised to find out that the one doing the naughtiest pages, like the sexiest one deep within the link above, is paralyzed from the waist down!

I always do the type that are hardest to shoot, (like the large one on DeadWierd 2010... for broadband connections only), CLICK HERE (Sorry, dead link... moved to a nicer site).


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I normally also do most of the serious pages on professional women like those shown below!


Of course the Triplets were back signing autographs

They were truly the best girls I have ever met so far while doing naughty pictures or video work!

The history of naked women is filled with wonder, especially in the old west... and I wonder what the girl in the following link was thinking? (When I hired her to portray the daughter of a French Trapper)... she was actually the first "White" woman to come to this area of the country!

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